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Twins is doing very nicely - I'm pleased to report - with nearly 2,000 copies sold worldwide since publication. It hasn't yet surpassed Mr Football, which continues to sell at a steady pace following its release in 2009.

Surprisingly neither of these books is to be had in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. Readers must revert to the publishers Helbling or to Amazon. I haven't toured the UAE bookshops for some time, but a quick scout around this summer revealed that some booksellers are off the map and those few remaining have poor supplies and limp choices. I speak as a conscientious reader of books. Is the problem that e-books have replaced printed books in the Emirates or is there simply a lack of interest and the public are not buying in sufficient quantities? Or can it be that booksellers lack the knowledge and the foresight to drive the interests of their potential readers? The public seem to be gobbling up books at the UAE's major book events The Emirates LitFest and the Abu Dhabi Book Fair: these book exhibitions have taken on the role of a mobile shop that rolls into town just once or twice a year.

A few news items. My story Postcard was one of the winners of The National's Short Story Competition last April and was published online. April also saw the publication of a book chapter in Literature Teaching in the EFL Context, and an article in NAWE's Writing in Education journal. Meanwhile I have touted about a few of my short stories and four of these were Commended and Highly Commended at the 2013 Winchester Writers' Conference this June. And, if you like Dickens, I've just completed work on an adaptation of one of his most loved books. But more of this another time. For fans of Twins and Mr Football - yes, they do have fans - another book is in the pipeline. So, welcome to my website and all of that!